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Over the course of his legendary career, Jay Jenkins aka “Jeezy” has had three #1 Billboard albums, sold more than five million albums worldwide and has had multiple chart-topping hits. Jeezy managed to climb his way out of the street life with the help of hip-hop, but he realized that not everybody had the same sort of opportunities as he did and he wanted to make sure to reach back to the community that lifted him and help the next person.


Hence, Street Dreamz Foundation was born.

The foundation began making an impact on the local community over 15 years ago, providing assistance and necessary funds to those underserved in Atlanta and Macon area where the artist hails from. Jeezy was honored for his community service efforts By the Mayor Of Atlanta Kassim Reed with the Phoenix Award - the highest honor an individual or group can receive from the City of Atlanta.

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“This is a movement that I intend on being hands-on with. I hope to show these same children that were like me that being in a position that you can help those that cannot help themselves is much greater than having this title and status and simply looking past those in need. I want to be more than just a mentor that these children see every now and then, but someone they can depend on every day as a symbol of hope and support. This is the most significant reason why Street Dreamz Foundation was established.”

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